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Monday, 21 November 2011

There are currently quality/formulation issues with several of the Genesis Heatset mediums, most notably the Thinning Medium and the Matte Varnish.  There may be problems with the Glaze as well. 

1)  The Matte Varnish has become too hard and waxy to use.  Thinning it only results in failure of product to remove shine.  In some cases, it does not cure at all, even with extended baking.  Some have reported that it will cure to a dull waxy, powdery white coating that is difficult to remove.

2)   The Thinning Medium is NOT compatible with odorless thinner (mineral spirits).  It will render your paint mix a thick, coagulated rubbery mess.  You may notice small globules of paint mix on your dolls as you apply a Genesis Thinner/odorless thinner/paint blend to the surface of the vinyl.

3)   The Glazing Gel seems not to be working as well.  There may be blending issues.  I have noticed that it simply doesn't provide the soft shine on first use.

I'm working with the Amaco/Genesis tech department and sales to work out these issues. 

In the meantime, if you have purchased Genesis products from me in the past and are having problems, rest assured that somehow you can have your items replaced as soon as possible.

I am also collecting Lot #s from problem products.  This is found on the small white paper label on your original Genesis jar.  (if you buy re-packaged Genesis such as my petite sizes you won't find one).  If you have bad product, please do us all a favor and email me with the lot # of the product you have found to be defective.  This will help us to identify bad product still in the warehouse and in dealer stock.

I would like to hear any other feedback you may have about problems with Genesis products so I can pass them along to the company.

My email is hunnybuns@roadrunner.com


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