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Name: Alice Mondt
Date: 09/27/09
Message: Stephanie... I just ordered your darling Kendall. I would love for you to sign him if you would. Thank you very much Dolly Hugs Alice :0)

Name: Edith Ziegler
Date: 09/05/09
Message: Glad to see you are up and about. Reborning world needs you.

Name: Audrey Smith
Date: 08/12/09
Message: This is a wonderful site. Quick service and good quality merchandise. I hope you are around as long as I am reborning! Thanks for being here

Name: Cindy Smith
Date: 07/22/09
Message: I love this site, it is so great!

Name: Flavia Giorgetti-Brazil
Date: 07/14/09
Message: Thank you for the supplies I ordered, it was fast shipping and great prices! Loved everything! I'm making a new order now :-) Dolly hugs ;-)

Name: Diane Sparks
Date: 06/13/09
Message: Hi Stephanie...Hope things are going well for you. Just placed an order. Diane Baby Face Nursery

Name: Rosmari Good
Date: 05/04/09
Message: Love your web site, just started reborning few months ago and I love it. Thanks, and God Bless. Rosmari

Name: Karin's Kradle
Date: 03/25/09
Message: Steph, you are a great artist snd a super nice person. Wishing you all the best in the future ! Hugz......Karin

Name: Joanne Lane
Date: 03/19/09
Message: I just recieved my Secrist kit and love it! It is soooo soft. Thanks!

Name: Karin's Kradle
Date: 03/17/09
Message: Wishing you all the best Steph. Love ......Karin

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