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Sculpting Armatures, Vinyl X-Large Secrist Head Form
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Extra Large vinyl Sculpting Form with eyes

Form is 14.5 inches in circumference and will make a larger baby or toddler sized head.

For beginners this sculpting form makes it easy to assure the eyes, nose, ears and mouth are properly positioned on the head.  The form also dramatically improves the shape of the baby's head.  The most common mistake beginners make is to sculpt misaligned facial features and head shapes that are unrealistic.  Now you can get a great start on sculpting well balanced baby faces and beautifully shaped heads.   

The experienced sculptor will like the time savings offered by the sculpting form.  The form makes it easy to keep facial feature aligned and properly positioned (nothing is as frustrating as working for six hours on a face and realizing the eyes are just slightly off!). 

In the instructional DVD (sold separately) Secrist artist Vicki Reid demonstrates how a person (with some practice) can create a basic doll face in just an hour!  The methods shown in the DVD are extremely valuable in learning the time saving techniques we recommend.  So even if you're an experienced sculptor we suggest you watch the DVD prior to starting your sculpt.

This sculpting form uses 24mm eyes.  Use drop-down menu to select eye color.

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